Friday, 02.06.2017

New article in Neuropsychologia

Manuscript "Laugh or cringe?" was accepted in Neuropsychologia

Friday, 19.05.2017

New article in Human Brain Mapping

Manuscript "Mindfulness meditation regulates..." was accepted in HBM

Monday, 13.02.2017

New Symposium on Social Neuroscience from April 21st to April 22nd

The call for the Second Meeting on ‘Perspectives in Social Neuroscience – Social Interaction from Rodents to Humans’ is out now!

Thursday, 09.02.2017

MRI-study on oxytocin and its effects on social cognition: Looking for participants!

We are currently looking for male study participants with and without a diagnosis of high-functioning autism.

Monday, 19.09.2016

Book release!

Social Behavior from Rodents to Humans

Tuesday, 19.07.2016

New article in SCAN

Manuscript "Neural correlates of naturalistic social cognition" was accepted in SCAN

Thursday, 19.05.2016

Neuronal pathways of embarrassment

New article in Neuroforum