Former Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Students

Photo of Nora  Czekalla

Nora Czekalla

Photo of Lea  Dotzauer

Lea Dotzauer

Photo of Maximilian  Franz

Maximilian Franz

Photo of Reneé  Frigge

Reneé Frigge

Photo of Lisanne  Hamschmidt

Lisanne Hamschmidt

Photo of Lisa  Kühne

Lisa Kühne


Lotta Loerbroks

Photo of Finn  Lübber

Finn Lübber

Photo of Daniela  Lückel

Daniela Lückel

Photo of Annalina  Mayer

Annalina Mayer

Photo of Timo  Schlesinger

Timo Schlesinger

Photo of Jana  Uhlen

Jana Uhlen


Konrad Whittaker

Photo of Anna  Winkler

Anna Winkler